Hear…Read This! Ep.4

Hello and happy New Year! Welcome to the January episode of Hear…Read This!  We’re thrilled to present four hosts, two books , making one book club every month! This month the books up for discussion are:



Take a listen and you’ll hear Simon and Gav of The Readers, a Book Based Banter podcast, and Kate and Rob of Adventures With Words, exploring storytelling in all its forms.  Beware, as there are mild spoilers for both books!

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Full Show Notes Coming Soon

2 thoughts on “Hear…Read This! Ep.4

  1. I’m finally catching up on podcasts and I’m listening to this one right now.

    Artful: I read the narrator as a woman and the person who died as a man. I found it interesting that three of you said, “The person who died is definitely a woman.” Did I miss something that specified that? And if not, I’m interested to know why three of you were sure it was a woman. Curiosity…

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