2 thoughts on “Hear… Read This! Ep. 14

  1. Listening to your review of Robert Aickman’s Cold Hand in Mine seems to me a perfect example of the age of populist reading. I’m an Aickman fan, and I think his stories are mislabeled as horror. They deal with memory, fetishism, loneliness, and the concept of the eternal return. Expecting a Hammer horror film is like being disappointed you were given whiskey instead of Kool-Aid. I’m curious how you would review Thomas Pynchon, Franz Kafka, Djuna Barnes, or even late period Henry James if you were given one of their books without the cultural clout of their names attached. Boredom is usually a novice reader’s response to difficulty or complexity. Most writers that strive to create something more than a movie playing in your brain demand a reader’s attention, even after the story/novel is over. Book enthusiasm is great as long as it doesn’t replace careful reading, which it seems largely to have in the Hunger Games/Harry Potter reading landscape. I think that a book club structured podcast should offer more analysis to a listener than to simply dismiss a writer because you were bored. You could take a couple of notes from Michael Silverblatt on KCRW’s Bookworm.

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