Hear… Read This! Ep.10: Levels of Life & A Month in the Country

Hello and welcome to July’s edition of Hear…Read This!  Once again it features four hosts, two books, and one lovely bookish discussion.

This month, we’re discussing two short books in the form of Julian Barnes’ Levels of Life and J.L. Carr’s A Month in the Country. Take a listen and you’ll hear Simon of SavidgeReads and The Readers, Gav of GavReads and Kate and Rob of Adventures With Words sharing their thoughts.

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Section 1: Levels of Life by Julian Barnes 


This was Rob’s choice and one that he had been considering reading for some time. What will the others think of a book focussing on ballooning and grief?

Section 2: What Else We’ve Been Reading

Before we move on to Simon’s choice, we discuss some of the other books they have been reading this month, or in Rob’s case, he hasn’t… Due to a certain Brazilian based footballing tournament Rob’s reading has hit a bit of dry spell but he has been enjoying The Circle by Dave Eggers.  Kate has been reading Jinx’s Magic by Sage Blackwood, Gav has been reading Slow River by Nicola Griffith and Simon has been reading both We Were Liars by E Lockhart and Nights at the Circus by Angela Carter.

Section 3: A Month in the Country by J.L. Carr  


This was Simon’s ‘classic’ choice, in which Tom Birkin, having seen the horrors of the Great War, retreats to spend the titular month in the country. How can a book that is just 88 pages long have such an impact on us all?

And finally… Here are next month’s choices by Kate and Gav: 



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