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So what is Hear…Read This?

Four Hosts. Two Books. One Book Club/Podcast.

Simon and Gav of The Readers and Kate and Rob of Adventures With Words get together in a monthly book club to discuss two picks – they’re taking turns to choose what to read, so who knows what they’ll pick!

Simon Savidge is a man in his early thirties who hails from the Peak District where he comes from a long line of Book Lovers. Due to the influences of his Gran and Mum at an early age he became a book-a-holic (something English Literature at school nearly destroyed). He now writes Savidge Reads to stop boring everyone he meets who may not be a book addict with tales, fact and reviews of books he has read, wants to read or you must read.  When he is not deeply engrossed in a book or writing blogs he has work to do as a London Editor for a UK wide magazine and Honorary Director of The Green Carnation Prize. He is also a judge on the inaugural panel of The Guardian’s Not The Booker Prize this year.

Gavin Pugh is a Welsh born and bred lover of all things booky. This is all Terry Pratchet’s fault. Gavin fell in love with Terry’s Discworld witches and has stopped being addicted to books since. While studying Creative and Professional Writing in University (where he got a 2:1) he started blogging about books and has done off and on for the last over the last 6 years.  Thanks to blogging he has read and been introduced to some amazing writers and book lovers. He currently blogs at GavReads.co.uk. As for what books he likes. He’s a huge fan of SFF & Crime. And over the coming weeks he’s going to see if he can turn Simone to the geek-side.

Rob Chilver and Kate Neilan are Colchester-based bloggers and podcasters. We blog and talk mainly about books, but we also love comics, film, tv, theatre and music.

Rob works as a senior bookseller at a university branch of Waterstones. While this is great for getting an inside track on new releases, it goes without saying that his views are all his own and not those of his employer. He’s also the web wizard and editor of our weekly podcast. He’s a big fan of James Bond and thrillers as well as American literature, which he studied at UEA and the University of Kent.

Kate is a secondary school teacher, who reads like her life depends on it, as long as she’s awake enough. She’ll read almost anything, but loves cold crime, good quality sci-fi and fantasy and young adult fiction. She studied English Lit at Durham, where she wrote her dissertation on girls and women in Children’s Fiction. When she’s not reading, she loves Japanese anime and cult series like Buffy and Smallville.

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