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We’ll Be Back in January (And We Need Your Help!)

2016 is going to be a very exciting year for so many bookish reasons, one though we are sure you agree (ahem) of the highlights though will be the return of Hear Read This and Gav, Kate, Rob and Simon joining forces once a month to talk books… Only they are back with a difference and they want you to be more involved in all sorts of ways. The first being by choosing the book that they talk about each episode.

But hang on, before we get to the fun part of voting let us tell you about a few little tweaks and changes coming. Firstly they will only talk about one book a month; warts, spoilers and all. They will still sing a books praise (A Month in the Country) or slate it from the roof tops (The Martian) or bicker and differ they will just go into more detail  – as they heard thats what you want – and they will still tell you what else they have been reading etc. They would just really love you to join in too. Firstly, as we already said by you voting for the book, and here are the choices…


Now we aren’t saying which host chose which book, though you might be able to guess, as we want you to simply choose the book on the books merrits, so which is it to be? Will it be some good old gothic with ghosts, apocalypses and more in Shirley Jackson’s The Sundial? A thrilling, dangerous and illicit love affair in Patricia Highsmiths cult classic Carol? A collection of mythical beasts from all over the world in Gods, Memes and Monsters? Or will it be a world in where the Nazi’s won the war as envisioned by Philip K Dick with The Man in the Castle? You can choose by voting in the comments below.

You have until the special A Little Life episode of Hear Read This goes live, with Simon and Rob, between Christmas and New Year. The winning title, along with how else you can be involved, will be announced on New Years Day, so you (and our hosts) can get spending your book vouchers asap and get reading! So which book is it to be?