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Hear… Read This! Ep.6

Hello and welcome to the slightly delayed March edition of Hear…Read This!  Once again it features four hosts and two books, making one book club every month.

This month the books we are discussing are The Witches of Eastwick by John Updike and Resurrection by Wolf Haas.Take a listen and you’ll hear Simon and Gav of The Readers, a Book Based Banter podcast, and Kate and Rob of Adventures With Words, exploring storytelling in all its forms sharing their thoughts.  Beware, as there are mild spoilers for both books!

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Section 1: The Witches of Eastwick by John Updike


This was Simon’s selection and chosen partly to give Gavin a literary genre read but I don’t think any Simon, Gavin or Kate were prepared for how far the novel deviated from the film. Rob hadn’t seen the film so didn’t need to adjust to the women portrayed by Cher, Pfeiffer and Sarandon being a little different. Not that we linger on the book but we do discuss Updike’s portrayal of women views on feminism in a lively discussion.

Section 2: What Else We’ve Been Reading

Before we move on to the second book for debate, the hosts discuss some of the other books they have been reading this month.

Section 3: Resurrection by Wolf Hass


A crime in translation which asks all three readers, have we found a new favourite detective or have we started scrapping the bottom of the translated crime barrel?

And finally… 

Here are next month’s choices by Kate and Gavin:

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We hope you enjoy listening.